Strategic Analytics for Healthcare Organizations
BerkleyMed’s Strategic Analytics is the cornerstone of our ValueLinkTM Risk Mitigation Services.  Our analyses provide credible performance data that identifies loss cost drivers and actionable intelligence and financial decision support for hospital CEOs and CFOs.

Risk Mitigation begins with the right analysis
Patient safety and quality initiatives are at the heart of many healthcare organizations’ strategic plans.  But, with so many resources focused on implementing these initiatives, many facilities find it difficult to commit further resources to measure the impact they have on patient safety or professional liability risk.  And, when they do, the facilities often lack the ability to compare themselves to peers.

BerkleyMed’s Strategic Analytics services can help your organization through this process to:
  1. Identify the client’s specific analytical needs,
  2. Design a comparative analysis that provides meaningful insight into the performance of the facility’s Claims Adjudication and Clinical Risk Management programs, and
  3. Compare findings to a properly selected group of peer healthcare facilities.      

The result?

Advanced metrics
Analyses provide peer group and industry comparisons that go beyond the typical frequency and severity metrics.

Improved strategic decision making
Specific information on the facility’s loss cost drivers removes data silos that inhibit strategic decision making resource prioritization.

Quantification of the impact of business decisions
Analyses can provide information on the potential impact of performance improvement to patient outcomes and facility financials.

Actionable solutions
Our team of experts can assist your facility in utilizing analysis findings to implement more efficient risk financing programs and engage ValueLinkTM Risk Mitigation Services to help establish more effective risk mitigation and patient safety strategies and best practices.
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