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The BerkleyMed Year-Round Actuarial Internship Program is designed to be an enriching experience for both our interns and actuarial staff. Our interns function as valuable members of our team and are integral to our actuarial processes. The projects assigned to our interns offer the best opportunities to combine formal academic training with actuarial science in practice so you can start your career before you graduate.

As a BerkleyMed Actuarial Intern you will learn:

  • How data for the medical malpractice field is captured, evaluated, and directly implemented in our pricing model and benchmarking database, Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic, and SQL applications to capture and analyze insurance data in real world scenarios,
  • How actuaries interact with the various disciplines found within an insurance company, and
  • What it really means to be an actuary in the property-casualty line of business.

Program Eligibility

We are looking for actuarial interns that have:

  • A desire to be part of a creative and innovative team that is striving to become a leader in the excess medical malpractice industry,
  • A willingness to learn new skills and to seek ways to apply those skills to assist the BerkleyMed team in achieving their goals and objectives,
  • The ability to work well alone, as well as under the supervision of our experienced actuarial team, and
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and an interest in learning Visual Basic and SQL.

Our internship program is year-round, and candidates must be local to the Metro St. Louis area to be considered. Completion of actuarial exams is a plus, but not the deciding factor in who is ultimately invited to join the BerkleyMed Actuarial Internship Program.  Dedication, reliability, and a good work ethic are the key elements we look for in our intern candidates.

Actuarial Internship Structure

BerkleyMed's Actuarial Internship structure consists of three grade levels: Actuarial Intern I, Actuarial Intern II, and Actuarial Intern III. Our interns join BerkleyMed as an Actuarial Intern III. Through their actions and abilities, BerkleyMed Actuarial Interns can be promoted into a higher grade level after showing they are committed to furthering the development of the BerkleyMed Actuarial Department. Promotion into a new grade level comes with additional mentorship responsibilities, and the opportunity to participate in projects involving SQL, VBA, and SAS.

Are you ready to apply?

For additional information or to apply, please send a resume to info@berkleymed.com.